I know it’s been a long time since I’ve updated you all on the happenings of this Millennial on the move. A lot has happened in my life since I wrote my book. I became a flight attendant, got married, had a baby, quit the airline, and now I am currently teaching at Konawaena High School. I’m so proud to be in the company of young, energized people who are carrying on the mission of GenerationDrive Entrepreneur’s Network. I currently teach an entrepreneurship class, and these students are on fire to start contributing to the economy when they get out of high school. Everyday I feel hope about the future of our country when I see the faces of my students. They give me purpose, and they keep me optimistic that many of things my generation fought for will be addressed by Generation Z!

I’m also buried in work with my masters program at Johns Hopkins School of Education. It is no joke. Last weekend, I wrote 27 pages between my two classes. I am having to juggle teaching 5 different subjects in the social studies department by taking three masters classes. Not to mention, I had my first child this past January.

I was recently inspired by the documentary RBG produced by CNN that detailed the life and accomplishments of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg. While she was attending Columbia Law School, she was caring for her 14 month old daughter. If a woman like her can balance school and a child, so can I.

I miss going on tour, but I know that my impact in the school is making such a difference in young people’s lives. I am sending a great big aloha to all my readers. I hope you’ve remembered all the things we learned together on tour and are still carrying on the mission in your own special way.

My warmest aloha and mahalo to my followers! Love you guys! Until next time!